World Histories, Geography & Arts

Combining local exploration in each destination with immersive learning, our World History/Geographies & Art modules are designed to help you understand the world around you on a deeper level. By learning different cultures, religions, and histories, you will be better equipped to make sense of the world and to make a difference in it. This part of our curriculum broadens perspectives, fueling personal, academic and professional growth.

Sample Subject Modules

World Religions

This module will learn about the major world religions and their beliefs while exploring the history of religion and how it has shaped the world, including the role of religion in politics and society

World History (destination-specific)

Learn about the history of the world, from ancient times to the present and explore the different cultures and civilizations that have shaped the world.

World Art

Learn about the different art forms from around the world and explore the different styles and techniques that have been used throughout history.

Cultural Arts

Explore the different cultural arts from around the world and the different traditions and customs that have been passed down through the generations and culture’s role in shaping our lives.

Global Narratives

Understanding how our cultural history sffects our views
Explore the different ways that our cultural history shapes our views of the world and influences our beliefs, values, and attitudes. Understand how our cultures can be a source of both strength and division.

Individual vs Collective Societies

Learn about the different ways that societies can be organized and explore the different ways that individuals and groups interact with each other.

The Concepts of Success

A look at what success looks like around the world, for the individual and for society.
Explore the different factors that contribute to success for individuals and societies and the different ways that success can be defined and achieved around the world.

The History of Gender & Gender Equality (UN 17)

Learn about the history of gender and gender equality and whilst understanding the challenges and progress that have been made in the fight for gender equality.

Inclusivity & Equity

How Our Past Shapes the Present and the Future
What a time to be alive, but for who? Learn about the importance of inclusivity and equity and explore their place in creating a better future.

Guest Speakers

In all of our destinations our students have the opportunity to hear from and learn from experts in their field. Whether it is a leading activist with environmental awareness at their heart, one of the world’s top minds in the fields of AI and technology of the future, or a leader in the business world coming to talk to the students about entrepreneurship, our guest speakers are an exciting addition to our programme.

Sharing real life experiences or years of academic research, our guest speakers are well placed to enhance the topics our students are learning about and they are an important part of the programme.

Explore our guest speakers in each of our destinations.

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Global Achievers Academy encourages its students to engage in meaningful experiences and contribute to the local community, as well as the global community.

Our volunteering sessions provide students with the opportunity to make a difference locally and create a more holistic learning experience that supports their personal growth.

Volunteering is a great addition to anyone’s resume or college/university application. Our experiences help to expose our students to people, places or events that they many not otherwise be exposed to in their home countries.