Guest Speakers

Speakers for the 2024 Global Academy Achievers Programme


London, UK

Record-breaking explorer endorsed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Prime Minister, Time magazine Hero of the Environment winner, World Technology Award-Environment winner. Chief Executive of ‘90 North Foundation’. Fellow and Honorary President of the British Exploration Society.

Driven by ambitions of conservation and adventure, Pen Hadow has achieved some of the most epic feats of exploration in the modern era. An Arctic traveller and ocean conservationist, Hadow has dedicated his life to understanding the planet, and how to protect it.


London, UK

Founder of ‘A Grain of Sand’, former Sustainability Director of ‘The Eden Project’, founder of ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ & Special Advisor to the Minister for the Environment.

Chris Hines MBE is a leading pioneer of sustainability, dedicated to delivering positive change. Shortlisted for the 1999 Green Politics Award and having provided evidence to Commons and Lords Committees, Chris is now a highly popular sustainability and environment speaker, sharing his passions for preserving our planet.


Boston, USA

Co-founder of ‘MapQuest’, Head of AI & Chief Technology Officer for ‘Best Practice AI’, Former Global Innovator & Global AI Council Member for the World Economic Forum.

Simon Greenman is Co-Chair (Emeritus) of the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of London and is an accomplished executive & investor with over 25 years of global experience in artificial intelligence and digital innovation.


Boston, USA

CEO of ‘Equipt’, author and the developer of ‘The Listening Path®’.

Christine Miles has over 25 years of experience training individuals and organizations on how to build emotional intelligence. She is the founder and CEO of EQuipt, a woman-owned training and consulting company and the developer of The Listening Path™, a game-changing approach to transform how people listen, empathize, and understand.


Boston, USA

Inspirational former Captain in the US Navy SEALs and a world-class speaker on goal setting and resilience.

John Doolittle moved through various deployments around the world with most of his career focused on military reaction to 9/11. John’s contribution to sustaining and helping people in the military is embedded in all US nation’s command elements around the globe (USSOCOM).


London, UK

Former Conservative Party Leader, former Secretary of State for Work & Pensions

FORMER CONSERVATIVE PARTY LEADER, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE FOR WORK & PENSIONS A key figure in British politics, Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the former Leader of the Opposition has made influential contributions to the UK parliament for over 30 years. Representing the Conservative party as a Member of Parliament, and later in several prominent cabinet and secretary positions, Smith’s work as a politician is history-defining and saw him Knighted for his efforts in the 2020 Honours List.

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