Why have you chosen these 4 specific destinations for the Global Achievers Academy?

All of our destinations have been chosen for their safety for our students and because each of them enhances the curriculum and the modules our students will study.

Can I go to the same destination every year?

Our unique programme is based on cohort travel and each of our destinations has a specific age range to support this. Part of the excitement of the Global Achievers Academy is being able to meet the friends you made last summer again at camp, but in a different part of the world that you can explore together!

Do students have to start in Boston?

No. Ideally for students to have the full experience of Global Achievers Academy they would participate in all 4 summers across all 4 destinations. This would mean starting in Boston, however, students may join the programme at any stage.

Can I join for just one summer, or do I have to take part in all 4?

Yes, you can. However, our programme is designed to take you on a global journey and each to give you a deeper understanding of the curriculum modules as you grow in age; therefore, to gain full value and to graduate from the programme in full, we encourage our students to attend all four summers in all four destinations.

Can I change cohorts?

Yes. Our unique cohort travel system is designed to encourage students to travel with their peers, to grow and develop together and to build lifelong friendships and networks. However, we do recognise that life happens, and students may need to change travel dates from one summer to the next.

Is there a discount if I book all summers in advance?

Please contact our team at info@globalachieversacademy.com to find out more about multiple year discounts and paying for more than one summer at a time.

Is there a sibling discount?

Please contact our team at info@globalachieversacademy.com  to find out more about our current sibling discounts.

Are there scholarships available?

As part of our ethos of inclusivity we do offer both part and full scholarships each year. Each January we launch our scholarship programme and students wishing to apply can do so. Please note that if you have already applied and paid your deposit or course fees but you are successful in your scholarship application, we will reimburse any monies already paid to us.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can! We ask for a 20% deposit at time of booking to secure your place with us and we can also set up instalment plans for your future payments. Please note that all course fees must be paid in full four weeks before arrival.

Is the deposit non- refundable?

No. Our exclusive programmes have limited spaces, and your deposit is to secure your place with us. If you are unable to travel as you are refused a visa or in extreme circumstances then we will work with you on a solution, including possible reimbursement of your deposit. Please see our terms and conditions for a detailed overview of our cancellation policy.

What do I need to prepare / pack for each location?

Closer to your departure you will receive a welcome pack which provides detailed information on what you need to pack and your itinerary, plus any other useful information.

Are there any additional touchpoints outside of summer camp?

Yes, there are! Whilst our camps may be closed outside of the summer, we continue to keep our students engaged with the opportunity to join our ‘Alumni Benefits’ programme open to them during the academic year. The programme will be delivered virtually and will be accessible to all alumni who completed their summer camp with us as part of their course fee price.

Is there a minimum level of English required to participate in the programme?

For our non-native speakers we ask for a minimum level of B2. We can provide you with a link to our online language test

Can I skip out on a module I’m not interested in?

No. Our unique curriculum has been designed to cover the most important topics that provide context for students to understand how our connected world really works and to shape them as well rounded, global citizens.

Do I have to attend all activities?

Yes. Our activities are designed to enhance our programme and provide real world, experiential context for our students. Our activities provide a fun element to the programme and help our students grow and develop in a more relaxed environment.

Do I get a certificate for completing the programme?

Yes. At the end of each of our two-week programmes, all cohort members will receive a Global Achievers Academy Certificate of Completion outlining the programme they have taken part in, and the topics covered.

For those students who complete the entire 4 summer journey and are fortunate enough to attend all 4 programmes in all 4 destinations they will graduate with our prestigious Global Achievers Academy Diploma, recognising the many experiences that their journey has awarded them and the true global citizen they have become.