From political leadership to strategic, ethical and social leadership as well as an exploration in to entrepreneurship and managing change, this diverse part of the curriculum aims to equip our ambitious students with a deeper understanding of how our planet is led. We study some of the world’s most influential leaders, look at the various political systems around the globe helping students to become innovative leaders themselves.

Sample Subject Modules

Political Leadership

Students will look at the leadership of political parties around the world and study the various styles and skills of leadership required in politics. How does running a country and leading a political party differ from leading a business? They will also look at case studies of some of the most famous political leaders from around the globe throughout history.

Strategic Leadership

Students will study the various techniques that businesses use when they are deciding on their purpose, their vision, processes and structures to create best business practice critical to remaining competitive and relevant.

Change Management

Students will gain a critical understanding of change management and how it focuses on helping employees embrace, adopt and utilize a change in their day-to-day work.

Leadership Styles

This module will focus on the various types of leadership styles including transformational leadership, transactional leadership, autocratic leadership, democratic leadership and participative leadership and how these various styles impact business and employees.

What is Power?

In both work and social life, power can be defined as the ability for one person or persons to influence or direct others. In this module we look at a variety of case studies of powerful individuals and how this power can be used for positive and negative purposes.

Global Political Systems

This module will provide students with deeper knowledge on the various political systems across the globe; what they may share and what makes them different. What impact these various systems have on their countries and how voting systems work.

Ethical & Social Leadership

Students will discover the huge importance of leading ethically. What attributes support ethical and social leadership, the ability to work within defined principles and values, to demonstrate equity and accountability and fairness. They will learn about why CSR matters.


Allows students to explore the variety of factors which influence decision making in business, with focus on: business start-up, creativity and innovation, risk management vs pursuing opportunities.

Conflict Resolution

Students will look at how conflict resolution can support the wellbeing of the company. They will learn to understand the importance of active listening and effective communication. Important skills in all aspects of life!

International Relations

Students will enjoy studying how various nations interact with one another. This module will help you to understand the world as a whole and global issues and challenges are tackled.

Guest Speakers

In all of our destinations our students have the opportunity to hear from and learn from experts in their field. Whether it is a leading activist with environmental awareness at their heart, one of the world’s top minds in the fields of AI and technology of the future, or a leader in the business world coming to talk to the students about entrepreneurship, our guest speakers are an exciting addition to our programme.

Sharing real life experiences or years of academic research, our guest speakers are well placed to enhance the topics our students are learning about and they are an important part of the programme.

Explore our guest speakers in each of our destinations.

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Global Achievers Academy encourages its students to engage in meaningful experiences and contribute to the local community, as well as the global community.

Our volunteering sessions provide students with the opportunity to make a difference locally and create a more holistic learning experience that supports their personal growth.

Volunteering is a great addition to anyone’s resume or college/university application. Our experiences help to expose our students to people, places or events that they many not otherwise be exposed to in their home countries.