Finance & Economics

Encompassing a huge range of topics on finance and economics, from micro, to macro, to personal, this part of our curriculum will empower our future catalysts. This is not ‘just all about maths and numbers’, students are exposed to a variety of world leading business models and the economics behind them. They learn to understand how a business functions, how countries around the world are connected financially and how to manage their own personal finances. With immersive visits to some of the key financial institutions around the world this module takes our students well beyond schooling!

Sample Subject Modules

Macro Economics

Reducing poverty around the world and seeking social equity are only possible if countries around the world have sound economical policies. Macroeconomics modules will seek to enhance the students’ knowledge of key players in this field such as inflation, economic output, currency exchange and unemployment levels.

Micro Economics

An economical look at how individuals and businesses manage their own financial situation. From looking at how individuals create their own budgets to support their wealth and how businesses take decisions to ensure they are in a better financial position, for example by cutting costs to improve profits.

Personal Economics / Financial Literacy

In this important module our students will look at their own personal economics and improve their capacity to manage their finances in a more positive way, considering both long and short term impacts on the decision they make.

Investments / How to Make Money

Investment is not only about buying and selling shares on the stock exchange. Our investment module will also teach students about how businesses may invest in product or produce, how they may invest in buildings or new machinery, or how they may invest in their team of people to improve productivity.

Global Finance and Economies

International trade and investment, currency exchange rates and how money travels from one country to another all form part of the study of global finance.
This module will give our students global skills, allowing them tomove across the world and be employable in hundreds of major economic centres. They will develop a broad vision and understanding of the changing role and nature of finance within the context of a global marketplace.

Crypto Currencies

A study of all things digital currency; how this alternative form of payment uses technology not only as a form of currency but also as a virtual accounting system. Students will look at bitcoin, cryptocurrency and block chain and how the technology may shape the future of economics.

Global Governance

Students will look at the the role of global governance, the institutions involved and how these institutions aim to set rules and processes to support issues between countries and across borders. Students will look at case studies on institutions such as the World Economic Forum.
Like diplomatic relations, trade, financial transactions, migration, and climate change. economics.

Capitalism and Wealth Inequality

A study in how capitalism may contribute negatively towards the gap between the rich and the poor and can potentially build on historic inequalities of class, gender and race. We will look at the advanced capitalist democracies and how those governments are addressing economic inequality.

Accounting & Financial Management

Accounting looks at how businesses manage the process of recording, reporting and maintaining their finances in order to present a clear picture of their economic position. Financial management looks at the overall finances and investment. This module gives students an overview of both areas.

Guest Speakers

In all of our destinations our students have the opportunity to hear from and learn from experts in their field. Whether it is a leading activist with environmental awareness at their heart, one of the world’s top minds in the fields of AI and technology of the future, or a leader in the business world coming to talk to the students about entrepreneurship, our guest speakers are an exciting addition to our programme.

Sharing real life experiences or years of academic research, our guest speakers are well placed to enhance the topics our students are learning about and they are an important part of the programme.

Explore our guest speakers in each of our destinations.

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Global Achievers Academy encourages its students to engage in meaningful experiences and contribute to the local community, as well as the global community.

Our volunteering sessions provide students with the opportunity to make a difference locally and create a more holistic learning experience that supports their personal growth.

Volunteering is a great addition to anyone’s resume or college/university application. Our experiences help to expose our students to people, places or events that they many not otherwise be exposed to in their home countries.