Cambridge Day Trip

Cambridge: A Voyage into Academic Legacy with Global Achievers Academy

Cambridge, England, is synonymous with scholarly excellence and a history steeped in academic tradition. For students of the Global Achievers Academy, a full-day cultural visit and tour of Cambridge, complete with a visit to King’s College and the ubiquitous experience of punting on the River Cam, offers an insight to academic heritage.

Cambridge: A Beacon of Academic Distinction

Cambridge University stands as one of the world’s foremost centres of learning. Originally, King’s College was just for boys from Eton and it was not until 1865 that other people could study there. The first female students arrived in 1972. A visit to this picturesque city is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in an atmosphere that has fostered some of the greatest minds in history like Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, King Charles III, Dame Emma Thompson, Alan Turin, John Cleese and Stephen Fry. Walk the same corridors as these at King’s College and marvel at its awe-inspiring chapel and majestic architecture.

Cultural Exploration in Cambridge

Beyond its academic prowess, Cambridge is a city teeming with cultural treasures including museums, libraries, and historic landmarks and Silicon Fen, the start-up centre for tech in the U.K.

Punting on the River Cam is a tranquil and timeless activity which is a must-do (900,000 people a year go), that allows students to soak in the beauty of Cambridge’s landscape. Punting is a water-based activity where people ride a small square-ended boat that has a flat bottom with the ‘chauffeur’ using a long pole – much like a Venetian Gondola – to push against the riverbed, which propels the boat in whichever direction you want to go. That propulsion is what’s known as “Punting.” Partaking in the activity complements the academic aspect of the visit by providing a moment of reflection and relaxation and gives the young chance to share their experiences with their peers and is a social media win.

Global Citizenship and Cultural Awareness

Due to its importance academically and the presence of Silicon Fen, Cambridge attracts international community of students and scholars and epitomises the concept of global citizenship.


In conclusion, Cambridge, with its venerable academic heritage and cultural treasures, offers students of the Global Achievers Academy the opportunity to dive into the world of knowledge and cultural exploration in a dynamic and immersive manner. These cultural experiences reinforce the academy’s mission of nurturing well-rounded global citizens who appreciate the richness of the world’s diverse cultures. It reinforces the idea that education is a lifelong voyage that transcends borders and empowers individuals to become informed, culturally sensitive, and academically accomplished leaders of the future.