Life Skills

We believe that our students learn as much from the activities and time they spend outside of their more formal classes, as they do inside them. Life skills are critical to the success of the whole person and time spent at the Global Achievers Academy this summer will help students further develop vital skills for success such as curiosity, confidence, problem solving and how to communicate well in an international environment. Our life skills modules support growth in areas not typically associated with formal study and form an important part of the whole academy experience.

Sample Subject Modules

Personal Exploration – Finding Your ‘Comfortable’

Learn about yourself and what makes you happy. Set goals for yourself and work towards them as you open to new experiences.

Improving Debating Skills – Communication Skills

This module emphasizes being able to think on your feet and come up with quick responses. All while, learning how to argue your point of view effectively while you listen to and consider other people’s points of view, even if you disagree with them.

Public Speaking

Learn how to feel comfortable speaking in a group personally and professionally – deliver a speech effectively

Study Skills – Learning to Learn

Develop effective study habits. Learn to study for the test as well as to learn the materials — to assess the value of the test and how it affects you. Learn how to manage your time wisely and to ask for help when you need it.

Developing Resilience

Learn how to bounce back from setbacks and challenges while being persistent and determined. Learn from your mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Building Global Networks

What does networking mean? Learn about different cultures and perspectives as you connect with people from all over the world.

Social Media Etiquette

Develop the basic skills of online etiquette, who you are online and how you use it to relate to others.

Surviving Life

Welcome to thriving, not just surviving — learn how to be independent and self-sufficient, – from basic skills such as doing laundry to more advanced learning and development like cooking basic meals from across the world.

Enhancing Your University Application

Shine, and share – the do’s and don’ts of application process including a strong personal statement and interview skills.

Guest Speakers

In all of our destinations our students have the opportunity to hear from and learn from experts in their field. Whether it is a leading activist with environmental awareness at their heart, one of the world’s top minds in the fields of AI and technology of the future, or a leader in the business world coming to talk to the students about entrepreneurship, our guest speakers are an exciting addition to our programme.

Sharing real life experiences or years of academic research, our guest speakers are well placed to enhance the topics our students are learning about and they are an important part of the programme.

Explore our guest speakers in each of our destinations.

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Global Achievers Academy encourages its students to engage in meaningful experiences and contribute to the local community, as well as the global community.

Our volunteering sessions provide students with the opportunity to make a difference locally and create a more holistic learning experience that supports their personal growth.

Volunteering is a great addition to anyone’s resume or college/university application. Our experiences help to expose our students to people, places or events that they many not otherwise be exposed to in their home countries.