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Make Facebook Work For You

Course “The Ultimate Lead Generation Formula”

Expert Online Marketers:
Justin & Poy

Join This Webinar Course & You Will Learn:

  • How to create loyal fans
  • Find a targeted audience that are more likely to buy
  • Have an automatic lead generating system that can easily be turn on and off once everything is setup.
  • Build authority over your competitor
  • Generate good will!
  • Be seen by millions of people world wide
  • Get heaps and heaps of sales!
  • More freedom and time in life
  • Outsource the tasks to people that listen to you and able to follow instruction.
  • Create your own marketing machine for any products that you want to sell
Webinar Course Outline

Module 1 – Create Irresistible Offer

  • Discover who your best prospects are, so you can attract people most likely to buy
  • Discover their primary drivers and objections so you can create the perfect offer that will convert every time
  • Model our wining lead magnet templates so you can create your own lead magnet that people will actually want without having to spend all that time and effort researching

Module 2 – How to Generate Serious Traffic!

  • How to simply create Facebook Ads (advertising) in 8 minutes
  • How to reengage and “retarget” them whenever / Wherever they go!
  • How to read the numbers and optimise cost per customer acquisition
  • Where and how to steal your competitors’ customers and other pages!

Module 3 – Making the Perfect Conversion Environment

  • Get templates of our landing pages that you can use immediately so you can hit the ground running (and not start from scratch!)
  • You’ll discover how to create the perfect conversion environment WITHOUT needing to know ANY HTML coding so you can set up a landing page in less than an hour
  • And how to do it without being a technical genius

Module 4 – Authority Process

  • Create the perfect “Welcome Video” that creates authority, overcomes skepticism, increases trust and builds desire so you’ll get more leads!
  • Learn the trick to becoming instantly likeable on camera so that you can build trust and an emotional connection with your viewers
  • Director’s cut walkthroughs of my most profitable “Welcome Videos” so you can see the exact words, visuals and phrases that brought in over $100k’s in campaigns in over 40 different countries around the world

Module 5 – How to Upsell

  • Create the perfect UpSell offer so that you’ll make sales before you’ve even sent your first email!
  • UpSell Video NLP strategies so you can sell to their conscious AND subconscious mind
  • Pre-Made UpSell video slide templates you can just fill in with your own material… so you can cut out the guesswork, model what’s working and get your videos done faster and easier
Want more?! Additional, SPECIAL Modules:
Retargeting Masterclass
Imagine a potential customer is shopping at a mall near you. He walked in to a store, grab shirt, check it out and put it down, then walk out of the store. Suddenly they start seeing the shirts they picked up randomly and frequently every other banners he walked pass.Now imagine a technology that can do that for you while your’e sleeping and folllow them everywhere they go online!
Facebook Starter Kit
This simple and easy-to-follow step-by-step video training will show you how to create a Facebook Page for your business or organization that is designed to get you leads.We will walk through the process of editing the page, adding content, posting updates, and optimising your page to get you leads and grow your business.Save yourself a whole lot of time, money & headaches by purchasing the Facebook Starter Kit.
Automated hiring formula with Gmail
FREE 30 minute video explaining how to setup software once and filter inappropriate candidates automatically by using:

  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Google Forms
  • Gmail
  • …That’s it!
  • Craiglist or Gumtree

This system lets you eliminate all the time wasters before you even talking to a single candidate!!

YouTube Masterclass
4 Step Formula – how to make youtube videos that your audience will actually enjoy watching!

Choose Your Course Option!

Your Choices Standalone Value Ultimate Package Gold Package Silver Package
Modules 1-4 $1865 Yes Yes Yes
Module 5 $495 Yes Yes
Facebook Starter Kit $295 Yes Yes
Retargeting Masterclass $995 Yes
Youtube Masterclass $1050 Yes
Automated Hiring System With Gmail $295 Yes


$4995 $4995 $2655 $1865


$4995 $4995 $2655 $1865

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