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Trump: The Art of the Comeback

Trump’s story begins when many real estate moguls went belly-up in what he calls the Great Depression of 1990. Trump reveals how he renegotiated millions of dollars in bank loans and survived the recession, paving the way for a resurgence, during which he built the most successful casino operation in Atlantic City, broke ground on one of the biggest and most lucrative development projects ever undertaken in New York City, and outsmarted one of South America’s richest men for rights to the Miss Universe pageant.

Blunt, outrageous, smart as hell, and full of hilarious stories–check out his chapter “The Art of the Prenuptial Agreement”–Trump tells it like it is: the women in his life; the wild and woolly deals; negotiating tactics; his investment philosophy; and his strategy for success or coming back from adversity.

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is certain about Donald Trump: He is a true American original, with great instincts and billion-dollar dreams. The Art of the Comeback is Trump at his best–unpredictable, irreverent, and irrepressible.

Everyone either loves or hates Donald Trump! He is what we all want to be. He says and does what we all want to say and do. A very successful businessman is probably someone that many of us would not like. In order to be able to do what they do , they have to have a large dose of ego and self confidence. They must be assertive. We the little people spend thousands reading inspirational books, attending seminars, and all the rest of that stuff to be successful, searching for that millionaire mentality, yet we condemn it when we find someone who really has it! I enjoyed the book immensely. Yes there was a lot of DONALD, but so what? Read it, and learn!

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