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Trump: Surviving at the Top

Donald Trump’s success is based on a clear philosophy of “stay in charge” of the deal – and many of the deals he’s made over the years are recalled in this book, along with other stories about his life and business. No holds barred – he tells it like it is.

Who knows more about Trump than Trump himself? This is a good book if you want to know more about Trump. At times he is sincere; like when he tells of the various disadvantaged people he has helped. At times he sounds really fake; he mentions how he admires the courage of gamblers. That is alot of boloney. At times he is boastful; the Trump Princess is the best yacht ever built. But hate him or love him, he says it like it is. He seems very vindictive as evident with his numerous attacks on some very famous people throughout the book. But for those who are his friends, he has nothing but praise for them. He doesn’t play politics, but what he does do is make deals and makes a whole bunch of them in this book. One of the recurring themes of the book is to wait for the right price even if it means giving it up and not to let emotions dictate the price. In many instances, the deal comes back to him and at an even better price than ever.

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