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Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People

Persuade Anyone!
Gain the ULTIMATE competitive advantage–at work and in life!
Master the 7 ESSENTIAL SKILLS that win hearts and minds!
Practical, easy, effective!
We all know people who are incredibly persuasive. With effortless charm, they manage to somehow gain our trust, interest, and support, time and time again. Is it a gift they are born with? Is it all an illusion?
No, it’s the art of persuasion, and you can learn it too.
Based on years of analyzing the behaviors and mind-sets of the most persuasive people around, Persuasion gives you the magic formula to master the power of persuasion–the ultimate way to achieve success in work and life.

Grab a copy now!

James Borg’s acclaimed book on persuasion and the art of listening has enriched me. I must admit I was never into business literature that deals with the various aspects of the business relation.

While I have a working knowledge of developmental psychology, psycho-linguistics and team communication, but this book is about something much more specific. It is about the art of making business relations, of engaging another business person in dialogue, mainly with the purpose of selling a product or service.

As business and love are amazingly similar in their principles, it doesn’t surprise that the techniques here presented and elaborated also profit the private sphere and intimate and family relations. The author gives several examples showing that when companies trained their staff in various aspects of business communication, there was an immediate positive impact also upon the family lives of these employees, namely an improvement of the intra-familiar communication, both in the couple and between parents and children.

The book is systematic, well-researched and amusing to read. It shines by its pragmatic and down-to-earth approach, which is perhaps why it appeals to such a large audience.

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