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A hearty review on Global Achievers / TICN’s “Invest Wisely by Joining Sydney Private Investment Club”

Global-Achievers-TestimonialsDear Igor & the Global Achievers team,

I just want to start with a big thank you for sharing this course.

In general, the notion to make money form home, make money online, make money from trading shares, etc., is so sexy because its so comfortable if you can get income that way, expecially if 1. it only takes a small number of hours a week to do, and 2. can be done online (obviously, because that means you can be anywhere in the world enjoying life and having finances coming in to support yourself). But I'm sure you already know that, I assume thats probably why you offer the course, but I wanted to say something different to this with a note of gratitude.

As you might know, there are many courses people can do to learn about trading shares, FX, etc., but what I've found is that almost all of them are actually created and promoted by stock brokering firms, who as we all know, run a business model where they make a commission/spread on every transaction their customers make, so they don't care about whether their strategies actually work - in fact, the 2 and a half courses from stock brokering firms I've done did nothing but lose me money - but the stockbroker didn't care; I made transactions, so they made their money.. It was really terrible. I really I wish I did this course first.

But I'm really happy with your course because its already working for me, and on top of that, I really like how its based on strength and longterm investing, & making income along the way. I'm so happy it doesn't require sitting in front of a screen all day (unlike the other company's stock courses). I'm only doing this about 3 hours a week - which means i can spend my time doing something else! And I was so happy when I learnt that you can rent out the shares, insure the shares, buy them at a discount, etc. I wasn't expecting half of these things! Actually I didn't even know anything about many of the things you taught. I've learnt so much and am already making successful trades.

I just wanted to let you know I'm very happy and I will be sharing your course with some of my friends so we can go on this journey together / be part of the same investment club


Gordon =)

— Gordon Wentworth, fulfilled client of Global Achievers Academy

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